The Food

foodOne of the best things about being on the island of Samui is the food. The local food has always been raved about as Samui’s dining scene has so much to offer. For those who want to taste the finest Thai cuisines and would like to indulge their palate with a variety of well thought out recipes, the food at The Virgin Coast Resturant is highly recommended.

Prepared using the freshest and best local ingredients and incorporating tried and tested techniques, all the dishes on the menu are top notch and are worth a try. For those who love seafood and can’t get enough of the local fresh catch, you will enjoy your dining experience here for sure.

Combining simplistic yet authentic flavors of Thailand with European flare, the chef allows the diners to enjoy a perfect meal with each visit. Each dish is well presented and served promptly. Surely, the food at the Virgin Coast Restaurant is something will make a positive impression and will be something you’d be coming back to all the time.