The Virgin Coast Restaurant

rest1Great food and a relaxing tropical ambience await guests at The Virgin Coast Resturant. For those who fancy a paradise like atmosphere and a balanced menu of traditional and contemporary offerings, this dining place is a must try. Formerly known as Five Islands Restaurant, the Virgin Coast Restaurant delights guests with the best of Thailand cuisine.

The unique location of this restaurant allows guests to enjoy natural surroundings while being able to savor a number of local dishes. The beachfront location plus the open design of the restaurant provides diners with the most impressive dining venue that they would love to come back to again and again.

The dishes that are served here are made from only the freshest and highest quality ingredients so you know exactly what goes into your meals. Among the specialties of the Virgin Coast Restaurant is seafood. Here, fish, lobster, crab, and prawns are very popular. The variety of the available dishes is very impressive. There is a good selection of meat dishes, as well as yummy vegetarian dishes.

Thai fusion has never been so good. While here, don’t forget to try the famous roast duck curry as well as the sweet and sour crispy sea bass. Both are outstanding dishes that are very likely to become your new favorites.

At this place, you’d get amazing service, impressive setting, and some of the best Thai dishes you will ever taste. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. It is also popular for its refreshing cocktails.